TSCM Services – Bug Sweeps

Our Electronic Bug sweep services detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping and surveillance devices. This includes detection of bugs, wiretaps, and hidden cameras. Our TSCM specialists can sweep telephone lines, (using wiretap detection sweeps), computer data lines (using telecommunications security line sweeps). Radius Investigations’ electronic bug sweeping and electronic detection can be ultilized in conference rooms, residental homes, and vehicles. Our superior equipment can detect electronic espionage, and our unparalleled experience and knowledge can identify and locate those bugging devices.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Services:

  • Countermeasure Surveys (Bug Sweeps)
  • Video Surveillance and Installations
  • Audio & Video Forensics Authentication (Board Certified Technician, Court Qualified) Video Countermeasures and detection

Common Types of Bugs and Technical Surveillance Devices:


  • Cell Phone Recording Apps: Due to the ease of implementation and use, these types of bugs have become popular. Unfortunately, it appears this type of technology is only expected to increase. Monitoring apps can record calls, view browser history, and record surround sounds in a space.
  • Hidden Cameras: As technology advances, cameras are decreasing in size and increasing in quality. These cameras can be difficult to find without special tools: they can be as small as a the head of a screw.
  • Hidden Microphones: Microphones, just like hidden cameras, can be discreet and hidden in the most ambiguous items, such as lamps, power outlets, and pens.
  • Wiretapping: Wiretaps are designed to intercept and listen in on phone calls. Wiretapping for cellphones typically use app software like mentioned above. As smartphones have replaced landlines at home, wiretapping typically occurs in an office on a landline network or VoIP service.


Can I do a Bug Sweep Myself?


While there are many at-home bug sweep products available, few have the capability to discern a technical surveillance device from a regular electronic. Even commercial products require a professional who knows how to discern and detect these illegal devices.


Why Hire Radius Investigations to Perform a Bug Sweep:




Instead of spending countless hours, if not days, trying to comb your office, home, or vehicle for a device, our professionals can complete a typical bug sweep in a couple of hours.*
*Service time can vary based on the size of the space and the amount of hidden areas. This is an average time frame and not a guarantee.


Our TSCM private investigators are experienced and knowledgeable in the current devices on the market as well as where to find surveillance devices. Our TSCM professionals are security experts and can identify vulnerabilities in your office or home.


All of our clients are handled with 100% confidentiality, following attorney-client confidentiality practices. Your information is always secure.

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